We are Luke, Crystal, and Cola…

…and we are the proud new owners of The Point! We purchased this property, formerly known as Baywatch House, at the end of April 2022. Our renovation began almost immediately! As soon as we bought our first demolition hammer and ripped out the first few floor tiles, we knew we couldn’t go back! If you’ve made it to this page, you probably already know all about the house, but if you’re planning your holiday here, you may be curious to know who we are, and how we got here…

Luke McGillewie was born in the UK and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, lucky to grow up surrounded by some of the best wind and wave conditions on the planet. After flying a kite for the first time in 2005, he was hooked, and kitesurfing became both his passion and career. Since 2011, Luke has been an internationally sponsored professional kiteboarder, focused mainly on wave riding and big air. In 2020, Luke “retired” from professional kiteboarding and joined the FLYSURFER team as a Kite Designer, but he still finds time to get on the water as often as possible!

Crystal Veness was born in the Philippines but grew up in Canada – landlocked in the prairies of Alberta. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, her youth was filled with hard work and business training. After more than 10 years of working with her family business, her itchy feet got the best of her and she packed up her life and went in search of new experiences and saltier water. Since learning to kiteboard in 2015, Crystal has been following the wind, until she landed in South Africa, her new home base. Now, Crystal works as the Editor of IKSURFMAG, and will be your first point of contact at The Point!

Since our first kite session together, we’ve been virtually inseparable! We’ve travelled the world together, going from beach to beach, meeting incredible people, and living the ultimate kitesurfing dream. But, when the wind and waves on your doorstep are some of the best in the world, all roads lead back to Cape Town. Over the last couple of years, our priorities have shifted, which brings us to where we are now.

Wait, we can’t write a bio without telling you all about our dog! Cola is a mutt of mystery. We adopted him from Fallen Angels Pet Rescue in April, 2021. All we know is that he is a collie cross between 4-5 years old that was picked up after being on the streets for a couple of weeks. He has settled in well to life in Blouberg, and spends most of his days sleeping, looking for cheese, and chasing balls around the garden. He is the newest member of our family, but a treasured addition!

We’re all so excited to meet you and welcome you to The Point. We are so grateful to live in a country that has so much to offer, and we can’t wait to host you while you experience South Africa for yourself!


Do the hosts live at The Point?

Most of the time, but it depends on bookings at The Point! If you have booked a whole house rental, we will not be staying onsite, unless agreed upon in advance. However, we will still be in and out of the home office which is in a separate building on the property with a separate entrance.

If you are renting a room at The Point, then yes, we will likely be around, though we both keep pretty busy with work and leave our guests to enjoy their holiday without disturbance! However, as frequent travellers and avid kitesurfers, we also welcome guests that enjoy more host interaction or want to hear some local knowledge over a braai.

Do you have a concierge service or offer tour bookings?

One of us is almost always available to answer questions, make suggestions, or help you plan your holiday. If you have any special requests like airport transfers, restaurant reservations, or special tours, please let us know in advance of your trip so we can do our best to accommodate!

Will Luke be our braaimaster?!

It’s definitely a maybe! Summer weather is braai weather, and you’ll find that there’s a fire going on most Friday nights at The Point. After all, it’s not really a Friday unless it’s a Friday Braaiday, hey?? 

We’ll give our guests notice if we have a fire going, and you’re most welcome to “gooi some choppies on the braai!”